The Auto YASHINON® TOMIOKA® 55mm F=1.2 [DX] in M42 screw mount is the worldwide probably best known lens of TOMIOKA OPTICAL CO., LTD®. It was designed and produced originally for the company YASHICA® . The silver aperturte ring seeming noble serves as a special distinguishing feature. The broad checkered focussing ring has been manufactured from black lacquered aluminium. The exceptionally high-quality and solid processing of the mechanical components conveys the feeling to the photographer to have any time a reliable "piece of glass" at his disposal.

The maximum aperture of F=1.2 is stressed by red characters. Characters and signs of the barrel have yellowly/orange-white held and the markings for the silver diaphragm ring have been attached with black colour.

The characteristic switch for the M42 screw mount system between a manual and automatic diaphragm mode is available by default. Therefore an adaption to modern [digital-] single reflex cameras is without problems possibly . The system of lens elements shows yellow-white surface reflections. The computation of the courses of light-rays is identically to the CHINON®-, COSINON®-, REVUENON®- und TOMINON®- TOMIOKA®-lenses from the common DX-series. The important characteristic feature, besides the hallmark of the manufacturer on the front plate, of all 55mm F=1.2 M42-TOMIOKA®-lenses, is the cut large back-lens fitted in into the fodder of the screw mount. This indicates the Auto YASHINON®-lens as a TOMIOKA !!

There are no special multicoated lenses of this variant, since such layers were used only for the successor the YASHINON® DS-M TOMIOKA®.

The manufacturer key for YASHICA® is "552". The produced quantity is enclosed up to 9,000 copies worldwide. In the direct comparison with the production numbers for the 55mm F=1.2-M42-Tomioka-lenses of other brand names this is a very high value, because the sales radius extended over the markets of America, Europe and Asia. Due to the direct origin from YASHICA®-product family, however, a great quota of collector's items consists in showcases just at this type of lens. Until approx. 18 months ago it still had been relatively unproblematically to purchase an YASHINON® TOMIOKA®. At the moment one of these lenses is considerably more seldom offered on international market places/platforms. You also have watched the "three day ebay-auction" for legendary 1000 US-Dollars [at the time of September 2007] ??? The enormous rise in prices of approx. EUR 100/USD 130 in 2003 on current EUR 350/USD 450 is a clear indicator for this. The sellout of analogous photo equipment, triggered by the digital boom, seems therefore also, however, to come to an end at this moment of time.
Perhaps everyone of this TOMIOKA®-lenses should have changed its owner ... ?

The Auto YASHINON® has the lowest mass weight of all 55 mm F=1.2 M42 screw mount-lenses of the company TOMIOKA OPTICAL CO.,LTD® of "only" approx. 335.77 grams, as an exercised athlete.

Auto Yashinon® Tomioka® Japan DX 55mm F=1.2 M42
Body: Minolta® Dynax 800si
Film: Fuji® Velvia® 100

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